EC 200

EC 200 is a WINDOWS™ software for the processing of weights of vehicles measured with static or dynamic wheel load scales. The scales are connected to the computer by means of specially designed cables and connecting boxes. The Communication with the scales is via a serial interface RS 232 or USB. The menu of the EC 200 is used to control the weighing process. Individual texts can be entered or retrieved for each measurement. Overload can be calculated by selecting the appropriate vehicle type from the catalogue. To determine the payload, a deduction for the tare weight can be entered manually, or automatically from the difference of two weighings. An automatic weighing is possible under certain conditions. If necessary, the EC 200 can control traffic lights or barriers, to ensure a correct operation. In addition, selected weight values can be visualised on a long distance display. The operation of the software is self explaining. In addition it is equipped with an on-line help and with clearly understandable comments and error messages

Measurement : Manual or automatic operation, static or dynamic weighing.